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Monday, January 10, 2011

curry puff at Ikea

Curry puff from Ikea....
Ikea indeed has done a good job in serving their customer not only for purchasing of their goods, but also fulfilling their customer's stomach.
The foods provided at their kiosk are affordable, economical and tasty.
There are two set available, which are Hot Dog served with a refill-able drink, and Curry Puff with a refill-able drink. There is a topping section, where the customer can fill in their favourite flavour from sauce to the onions and the greens. The refill-able drinks available are soft drinks-pepsi, 7-up, miranda strawberry and orange; the hot drinks served are coffee and tea.
The food's price did not burn a whole in you pocket and it did not interrupt you budget to purchase the Ikea's goods. Therefore, it was indeed a great concept by Ikea to continue with such a service for their customer.
Not to forget to mention that their curry puff is a signature food item. Almost every of the customer will dropped by to purchase a half dozen of the curry puff as a returning to their homes.
Oh, they served ice-cream cone as well. The taste wise? Splendid....of course, you cannot compare with stores that served ice-cream alone such as Baskin Robin, Haagen-Daas, Natural New Zealand and etc...

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