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Thursday, January 13, 2011

customer service from HK Toys R Us feedback

Received a call from Toys R Us HK regional office customer service department.
The person who called named Peggy, was nice and pleasantly spoke to me regarding to the complain.
They had performed their investigation and they are sending some tokens of appreciation to me.
She apologised on behalf of the country manager and Toys R Us...and she told me that they had rectified the matter with the customer service department at Malaysia. They are going to take this incident as an example for their staff training purposes and she personally thank me that such matter had been brought up and forward to the regional department.
They sincerely regretted and apologised for what had happened and they are looking forward for feed back by customer be it good or bad, as this will give them the knowledge to serve better in future.
I had informed them that will send them an email regarding to the place and time to meet.
At least, the matter had been taken seriously by the HK customer service department.

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