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Thursday, January 20, 2011

please vote for her...

A friend of mine, ShinHwa is in a competition. She has posted her work and needed votes to help her to get the recognition and win the price.

So, please join me to give her support, vote for her song and her (ShinHwa) with the details as shown below.

歌名: 长恨歌 
作词: 郑凌旭 @ Mike Ringsea
作曲: Shin Hwa
编曲: Shin Hwa

Please click Here for the link.

You will need to register or sign up to become the voter. Once you had received the notification to verify your email in your email Inbox, click the link to activate your account, and can vote now...

Oh, bear in mind that one IP address only can vote once a day. (Sigh, maybe they are trying to reduce cheating via multiple vote, but sad that if we're using router to share a line, sorry...can't help much... I am not IT literate...)

Thanks for all the support...and don't forget to vote everyday. XD