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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

pledge to educate ppl abt cervical cancer

There is an event going on organised by Power Over Cervical Cancer (POCC) with the interesting kickin' title ' Fight Cervical Cancer in Style BFF campaign'.
I had blog about Gardasil, a type of vaccine available in the market right now, as a preventive measures for HPV (s). It did not targeted all HPV (s) but at least the test and research regarding to this vaccine shown promising result. There might be others reporting negative outcome regarding to this vaccine, but there will be always cases whereby different individual reacted in variant despite the conducted research shown test subjects derived minimum allergic or non at all. However, there were death cases reported as well regarding o the intake of this vaccine.
In fact, the vaccine has been suggested to be taken by young girls for better prevention. The vaccine it not limited to only female, males are suggested to take the vaccine as well.
For more regarding to the vaccine, you may click here.
do make the effort to make a pledge that is up now at POCC web here.
It can changes the life of someone you loves, you cares, you treasures and it can protect them from getting the harm. Most importantly, via such information widely distributed, women will be more alert and aware of the existing vaccine also regarding to the cervical cancer prevention.
Pap smear is another powerful diagnostic tool for detecting cervical cancer. Women who has been involved in sexual intercourse are advised to seek doctor for more information regarding to pap smear. The early detection through pap smear save lives!
To know more about the vaccine and pap smear test, do ask your doctor and for girls out there that interested to get the jab, do not be afraid.
Some of my friends had taken the jab, including me. I am not trying to make the company that producing the vaccine to laugh all along the way with the profits entering into their pockets, I am just trying to spread the words of prevention is better than cure. Those researchers and companies that had put in huge amount of money for the findings, they are indeed seeking ways to help mankind to lead a better life.
A photo of the card given to me, when I were schedule to inject the gardasil... Fortunately, I am not over-aged that time... ^^,

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