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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Poor customer service at Toys R Us Ikano Power Centre

Poor customer service at Toys R Us Ikano Power Centre, Malaysia.
This is the first and the last time I will ever walk into Toys R Us, due to such a ridiculous customer service by the staff over there.
The supervisor of the outlet was the worst among the staff.
Initially, both wc and I just wanted to purchase a set of toy which cost around RM100. We were required to purchase the set of toys before proceeding to open it, due to their policy. We were fine with it, and we head on to pay for our item.
When the cashier asked us for a Star Card (their membership card), we answered no and proceed with the payment. Please note that the cashier neither further elaborate the Star Card nor promote it to us.
We took the toy set and head on to the customer service counter for toys inspections and I noticed the Star card application form. I took the form and read that it was written something as in apply instantly upon purchase of RM 80 and above. So, I quickly inquire the application procedure, and to my surprise, the staff told us that we could not apply for the card. I requested for explanation on why we were not eligible to apply. The staff quickly ran to her supervisor called Mr Azmi, and the worst nightmare came.
The supervisor said that he did not say that we were not eligible to apply (of course, because the one whom said so was the staff that ran to him!!!) Then the supervisor became uneasy because I am very agitated due to such ridiculous answer. He suppose to educate and train his staff before putting her for customer service. The supervisor's attitude became lousy when I asked him, so can we apply for the card now, since we had purchased more than RM 80. He said, we should have apply for the card before made any purchasing because after a purchase being made, we were not entitle for the card activation even though we had purchased more than RM 80.
(I would like to emphasize here that, the card application form did not mentioned such a clause and the supervisor lazily replied that all other membership card application applied the same rules.....)
The supervisor even said something which sounded as such: "SO, DO YOU WANT THE CARD OR NOT? I DON'T WANT TO TALK AND ARGUE WITH YOU. IF YOU WANT THEN YOU APPLY NOW!!!" I am so f*cking shock that a supervisor can uttered such words and I mentioned to the supervisor that I am not arguing with him either. I just wanted to know how to the sentence 'Apply instantly upon RM 80 purchase?' I thought the staff should have to attend customer with lots of inquiries...?????
After such T.U.L.A.N conversation with the f*cking supervisor Azmi, both wc and I demanded for a refund and we do not wish to continue with the toys inspection. I do not care of the toys set had been opened or what-so-ever. All I want to do were to get out of there and never step back to this Toys R Us outlet again!!!
I am not asking everyone of the reader to agree with me, as this was an experience that I had. You might has sweet memories with their service and so on, but in this case of mine, it was a bad memory.
Bear in mind that Toys R Us is a chain store and with such services provided, they are just trying to close down their outlet one by one.
I had send in letters of complain to Toys R Us in Malaysia, HK, and US. Guess what? There is no reply at all regarding to this matter... (they do not care for their customer service s*cks, cause they still have purchaser) So, please do not make this kind of chain store that provide s*cks service to grow more, as it will cause the mental stress for all customer.
***Last but not least, if you do not require super expensive toys for your kids, niece, nephew or who-so-ever; do not buy from Toys R Us Ikano Power Centre...for you will receive such a poor customer service.
That is all for now.

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