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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sam Hing--.细麵

Before heading towards Genting highland, Vv and Ty brought us to a place nearby to have breakfast.
The shop is well-known for a dish called "sai mean"-(细麵). This noodles is resemble of egg noodles used for 'wanton mee', but the texture is a little bit different. Maybe is because of the way the 'sai mean' being cooked, the 'sai mean' did not stand out from the dish. I guess, if this 'sai mean' used to cook for wanton mee, then it will become the 'sai yong'. The mee is different by the way of making the raw noodle. It is by traditional long wooden thick stick with a man using one of the leg to pressure the noodle and to form the noodle. It is way too different from making the noodle via machine. Noodle made via machine does not have any texture. It is only eat-able, but not enjoy eating it.
The wanton tong on the other hand, seems like canton 'yi fu wanton'. Deep fried wanton, served together with a soup. We did not order for other dishes, as they served a variety of chinese-style fried mee; such as canton, hakka, and hokkien.
The shop named- Sam Hing The 'sai mean'--细麵
The wanton soup

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