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Thursday, January 27, 2011


At last, went to T-Bowl for a lunch. Sadly, not during weekday...because on weekdays, you can enjoy their set meals which comes together with a drink and dessert.

The T-Bowl (toilet bowl) concept eatery place...At Sunway Pyramid branch.
1. Mango Lime Bubble Mocktail...
2. Kiwi Dlight Burger
3. Signature Giant Sausage
4. Volcano Spicy Chicken

I should say the food are just so-so, because I found out that the food that they served that day weren't hot ans sizzling... felt like being warm using a microwave before served, especially the giant sausage. The first bite, I felt it wasn't hot and in fact, a bit cold as in left at room temperature for some time. They really needed to look into this. Serve sausages that were not warm--> not fully cooked; left at RT for quite long; reheat the sausages that had just been thaw--> my assumption of the possibilities)

Well, I guess we can always enjoy the uniquely design in the place, but not the food. (my 2 cents)

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