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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Today definitely is not my day


Today definitely is not my day.

When I were driving out from Kota Kemuning towards shell for pumping in petrol, saw a very fast avanza driver, did not let way and driving very recklessly in the middle of the rain. (The driver was very fast, hence, I slowed down the car for the avanza drive to overtake me.)

When I were finished my petrol pumping at Shell, something happened on my way to drive out. (can you imagine how slow your car moving around at Petrol station...) When my car coming out at the same time an Ah Yi (auntie) open her car door without looking at my incoming car...the result was? My car right front bumper has some scratch and slightly loosen its alignment. Luckily I were driving superb slow at that time, the impact wasn't huge! The Ah Yi came down and said, I did not see/notice got car when I opened the door to her daughter. Her daughter came by and said to me that I can bring the car to her mechanic, cause her family owns a mechanic shop.

Fast deal, as I mentioned, I do not want to claimed superbly, I just want the little scratch and the loosen alignment to be fix. She gave me her number and vice versa, and she said Monday only can contact her mechanic as today is Sunday. So, I head off towards uni.....thinking that, what a day!!!!!

Alright, the story haven't ended until I reached uni and walked out from the car towards the uni main gate. Along the walkway, there was an irresponsible Gold Myvi car plate start with W...and splashed the rainwater all over my right side, inclusive my sling bag, and my pants and my shirt. Luckily I manage to move the bag and saved the computer bag from getting wet. Now when I am typing this, I am soaking wet (my right side), and freaking cold. [I do not think that the driver did not saw me, I am so huge!!! The driver driving superbly fast after the bumper, and speed off after knowing somebody has been splashed.. =="]

All would not be happened if...I go out earlier or later, but all these happened at the same time that I were happened to be, at a wrong place at the right time!!! =="

Okay, chinese saying that a person will have 3 bad(s) and 6 good(s)...Now can I say that the bad(s) token had been used up? Can I expect something good happen?

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