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Thursday, February 10, 2011

-dinner with Lc-

Delayed this blog post for quite some time...

Now only I realised, I haven't posted it out.

Had dinner at Bibiwok, Bdr Puteri Puchong with Lc, Ky, Jing, and Wc.

Sort of dinner reunion before CNY for Lc, hahaha.

Ky posing with the apparatus for the bbq, lolz
Before the bbq started, Lc already felt warm... @@ luxurious...Feeling kind of full when I look at the pics.
Greens are good...real good...
The interior design of Bibiwok, didn't manage to take other pic, except for these statue.
The wall design of Bibiwok, once you walked upstairs, you'll be welcome by this view.
"Sawadikaa....", "Sawadikapp..."

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