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Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Departed early from KK to Kampar was indeed a right choice.

Smooth traffic and reached Kampar at around 915am. (yay!!!!!!)

Had my lunch at Ipoh and then rushed back to Kampar to meet up with Menaka, Irene, and Guan Yee at Secret Recipe, Kampar.

Kind of disappointed that the S Recipe (SR) Kampar did not participate in the Tea Time promotion. Such a waste, and I found out that there is no information regarding to the participate outlets given by S R's website. The webpage only shown *Terms and conditions applied. ==" (I clicked on the terms and conditions link at the bottom of the page, and found out again, that no information regarding to the participating outlets)

I am having doubts as the outlet can let us know that they are not offering/participating for the Tea Time special, but they Franchised S Recipe?! They (SR)served uniformed menu and promotions; otherwise stated clearly that which outlet (some outlets) may have price vary and limited promotion offer. I understood that certain outlets will not be carrying the promotion, but at least they get the customer well-informed?!

I am truly disappointed with the SR at Kampar. Maybe I anticipate too much? I had heard before that SR Kampar has been showing bad customer service from friends and from relatives, however, I did not know how far the truth is, until I experienced it today. Well, well...that's my two cents...


Anonymous said...

Yay, it was indeed a nice gathering (minus the stale and somewhat weird taste of hazel cheese slice at s. recipe)

Menaka Dormain

Cheerioet said...

hey was indeed a great gathering. maybe we should have one at guan yee's working place when you are at k.l.