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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

-aural hematoma-

Checked on Lucky's right ear, and his aural hematoma seems to be getting smaller. The bulging water bag still visible, but the aspirated fluid seems to be reducing. Thank God for such speedy healing. I hope 1 month later, no more visible bulging on his right ear.
(Click here to know more about Aural Hematoma)

Lucky's right ear...the bulging still visible...
 The is how the normal ear looks like. Thanks God, Lucky's left ear is unaffected.

Any  veterinarian can help me? I had thought of sending Lucky to Ipoh's vet, as there are some recommended vet to visit. However, I don't know how to get Lucky transported to Ipoh from Kampar. The main concern is, Lucky gets anxious easily in the car, and he will tend to move around when the car stop moving on the road. That can be hazardous to the driver and the passenger whom help to hold Lucky in a stay position.

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