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Saturday, May 21, 2011

No to Chatime

First impression regarding to Chatime was good, as in we went in the correct timing, managed to buy 1 free 1 and managed to tried all the 3 flavours in the promotion package.

Second time visiting Chatime, was totally at the wrong timing, queue for 30 minutes to place the order and...waited 2 hours for the order to arrived. That was like too much, for the sake of drinking pearl tea. I was very reluctant to wait, but since the order had been placed, and paid, we had no choice but to WAIT...and 2 hours waiting time... Sigh... IF Chatime could not afford to hire more manpower to run the outlet, they should not offer the buy1 free1 package. I had uttered that I am so not going to visit Chatime again... really...

However, today was the third time I visited Chatime... due to JT suggested that we should try the roasted milk tea. So, I went for the third time...and this should be my final, and LAST time! I was ten thousand million times disappointed with their service and their incompetency into providing good food and beverage services. They should learn, how to improve, but heck...I did not see any!

The cashier told us that they had no more pearl, and for drinks with pearl will have to wait about 30 minutes. So, we agreed to wait, as we were having the macha on the spot. When it was our turn to take the roasted pearl milk tea... I noticed that there was no pearl, and I questioned the waitress. She had taken my receipt when I am inquiring her regarding to the tea, and she had thrown away my receipt in front of me. When I asked her, how would she define that I did not order pearl milk tea, she insisted me to show her my receipt. I told her, I HAD GIVEN the receipt to her and after a few seconds only she realised, she had thrown away my receipt. At that very moment, the cashier came forward and explained that he did not type in the pearl, as he thought we do not wish to have the pearl. I was like WTF!!! Both me and JT told him that we are alright to wait for 30 minutes for the pearl milk tea, and now you told us that you did not typed in?! Then, the cashier told me that to have pearl, you need to add in RM 1! I was again, annoyed and they treated me like I do not have any single cent to pay for the RM1 pearl! I took out my wallet and pay him that RM 1 and walked together with him to the counter. The manager or the person in-charge saw me bursting in anger, asked the cashier for what the customer wanted? I told the who-so-ever person that I wanted the pearl milk tea, and they served the wrong tea to me. You know what the who-so-ever person replied? We had run out of pearl, and if you wish to have pearl, you are required to wait for at least 30 minutes. I was like, HELL YA, I know that I got to wait for 30 minutes, I had already well informed initially that I had to wait for the pear! Without any apology or any form of regretting for forgotten to add in the pearl for the customer, the cashier just took my money, and gave me the change without any receipt. Immediately I asked for the f*cking receipt for they are using numbering system based on the receipt to prepare the order. Without a receipt, how on earth I can receive my pearl tea?

After such unpleasant experience with Chatime, I am so not going to drink, or step into Chatime ever! No taking away Chatime or packing Chatime for me!

No to Chatime...this time for REAL and for my goodness sake!

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