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Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Went for a dinner with sister and brother in law at Kota Kemuning Business Park.

Have been always pass by this Business Park, and noticed a lot of development going on...

From zero ground, to having kopitiam, pan mee (Mian dui Mian), and Subway... there is another cafe named Express.

I heard from my sister that there is another Express at Bukit Tinggi, Klang...

We choose to sat outside to enjoy the breezing atmosphere and the ambient was quite comfortable...

Express's Logo~
Side view of the whole cafe
I managed to focus the name of the cafe...XD
The order list-----

Green Tea cake~
Banana cheese cake~
Hot coffee~
Teriyaki fish fillet rice served with the soup of the day (the soup served was lotus red dates soup)
Sizzling chicken chop with mushroom sauce~

The address~
The bill~ XDXDXD

The Teriyaki fish fillet was quite oily...and the sizzling chicken chop was not outstanding. I felt the wedges were even tastier than the chicken chop >.<"

However, the banana cheese cake was extraordinary. Should give a try if happened to be a fan of banana and cheese... XD

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