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Friday, October 21, 2011

"system down"

Went to capture passport photo...

To my horror... I could not find any...

And when I found one, it was about 3pm in the late afternoon. So, I quickly acquired the photos and drove to Kelana Jaya looking for Plaza A (it was because the Migration Department had moved there from HELP college). I asked the guy at the front desk regarding to the process...

Unfortunately, the system down today, and all could not be processed. Even with that, those whom manage to submit the form today had to return on Sunday to collect the passport, due to the "snail" system.

Omg!!! I asked the guy, what about Terminal 3? He answered that here is also Terminal 3 office, as previously they are situated near Terminal 3 and they moved to Plaza A Kelana Jaya. WHAT?!

However, he kindly suggested to go to either Putrajaya or try my luck at Hartamas, as their system might not have congestion and might not been down. Sigh~ That means, I would not be able to submit the application for the passport. The other alternative is to submit it when I am back at hometown, whereby my bro wanted to renew his passport. Maybe I can try my luck on either Saturday or Sunday. Hopefully that they will not have system down (finger-crossed).

I wonder when will the government try to upgrade the immigration system, so that there will be less "system down" excuse..

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