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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

~Tong Pak Fu 糖百府~

When you wanted sweetness...

Thought of eating something different...

I happened to randomly went into this dessert shop named Tong Pak Fu (糖百府), which originated from Hong Kong, and newly opened at Sunway Giza, Damansara.

Mango Sago with Grapefruit

Black Sesame Soup with Sweet Bean Curd
D24 Durian Snowy
Tong Pak Fu
Sesame Glutinous Rice ball

I am not too fancy with the Mango Sago, so I could not comment much on that. However, thumbs up for the snowy series. The Durian Snowy was very refreshing and smooth. Maybe I can try the guava, mango, green tea or the black sesame for another visit. (yeah, i am greedy).

The bean curd with black sesame on the other hand, was a bit disappointing. The bean curd was not hot, and not smooth. Fortunately, the black sesame soup was great. The aroma of the finely roasted black sesame making the black sesame soup tasted superb. I might suggest just to take in the black sesame instead of ordering for bean curd+black sesame.

The black sesame glutinous rice ball is a must to try for those who fancy nuts and black sesame. Served hot~

I might want to try the walnut soup and the double boil dessert too. XD

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