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Monday, February 20, 2012

Satay Celup

Satay Celup!!!!!!
A version of lok-lok, but not with boiling clear soup or tom yum soup.
It's to lok-lok with the boiling secret ingredients' satay sauce.
 The bun or mantau... I can't recall the exact name. It taste normal to me, even with the sauce. Maybe I am not a fan of this bun.
 The freshly prepared veges, seafood, tofu pok, fu pei, cockles, pig small intestines and etc with the lidi sticks. The combination of fresh foods with the satay sauce was great and totally awesome!!! Satay celup is definitely worth queuing for almost 2 hours during peak season (public holiday). You may find yourself gave up on queuing and opt for others if you did not walk in with a prepared stomach. Some might be lucky that they need not to queue for long as the crowd subside... It's all depending to your time and luck~

 Capitol Satay is the shop that almost every food bloggers had mentioned that their "satay celup" is a must to have~
 Take a good look at the variety available =)
 The pot of original satay celup sauce without the addition of secret ingredients~
The lady boss mixed in some secret ingredient and blend it well before boiling for a greater taste of satay sauce!!!

I must praise the boss for the appreciation towards the customers by giving out some "good loots" such as super size prawns, sliced abalone, and etc. Last but not least, a glass of alcohol mixture with some kind of milk or syrup was given to the customer as the token of appreciation which indeed satisfying after a meal of foods with satay sauce ~

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