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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Wet Thai Food Cafe

A Wet ThaiFood at Cheras 
 The person in charged called Prawet, so I assume the name A wet came from the person? =)
 The list of their branch. Kampung Kayu Ara branch do not serve pork. Newest news from the branch at Kampung Kayu Ara. From May 2012 onwards, they had started to serve pork (good news) =).

 The superbly awesome roasted pork neck~ D@mn, it makes you want to have more of these with the perfectly mixed thai chilli sauce.
 Stir fried four angled beans. (quite salty)
 The seafood tom yum. (again, i felt it's quite salty)
 The water chestnuts dessert served with a few slices of jackfruits.
Oh, I had forgotten to take the photo of the untouched green curry chicken. Sorry for the unclear photo.

Overall, I still thinks this A Wet Thai Food taste better than the other Thai Food restaurants that I had tried. However, I must say that maybe I am not too used to too salty food, where almost all of those Thai food resto that I had visited served quite salty foods.

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