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Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Hunger Game~

The Hunger Game

One must be thinking of the game of starvation, the game to kill, the game to strike, and above all it's about the fittest survive.

Given a background of the rich as the manipulator and the poor had to be enslaved for the sake of the rich's entertainment; this game, must be a cruel game to force young teenagers to fight, to kill, to destroy and to survive. This had embedded a definite thought in every child from every district that those whom unluckily chosen from the lot will die and only one survivor to be crown the winner in the game.

Courage and bravery does not safe guard the victory in the game, while alliances and friendships shown to be something worthy in the process of elimination of the weaker opponents.

Growth of love forces the manipulator to change direction of the game and how would the manipulator endure the lost of their pride as the host and as the riches’ representative?

The movie character girl Katniss Everdeen by Jennifer Lawrence had successfully brought the story alive together with character boy Peeta Mellark by Josh Hutcherson to be the player in the game, to face the unforseen destiny which they have to embrace together towards to the end of the Hunger Game. 

I never did read the book by Suzanne Collins, nor realised that the Hunger game comes in trilogy. However, after watching the Hunger Game movie, I believe I wish to read or to watch the continuing Hunger Game sequels- Catching Fire, and Mockingjay.

Watch the trailer here : The Hunger Game

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