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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Trip to Awana Kijal Terengganu ~ part 2

I was overwhelmed with the welcome cold towel and drink from the Awana Kijal staff, as the journey to reach the destination was hot and dry. No wonder the schedule  express bus I took from hometown to Terengganu and vice versa, was put at night time. I guess it was to reduce the anxiety to reach the destination by leaving the passenger to sleep through the night...

It had been years I had not visited Terengganu and I never been to Awana Kijal before. Awana Kijal  Resort situated near to Kemaman, Kerteh and Cherating. The activities given were all around driving destination and traffic-jam free
The given sea-view room was amasing, fully equipped and most importantly comfortable for the occupants.

One may found he/herself looking wild at the private beach just behind the resort and indulged into relaxation listening to the rhythm of the ocean waves.
Since it was near dinner time when we arrived, and it was eye-catching everywhere, I just snapped some beach view and head on to dinner.
The dinner was serve as buffet dinner at Restoran Kampong. I did manage to try on some tasty food such as the locally made prickle - the umbra prickle was awesome, grilled salmon and tempura were great! 

The fun and adventure activity schedule on the first night was fire-flies trip at Sungai Yah Yah. I could not capture any photos to show - forgive my unprofessional in using my Lumix DZ7. How I wish I manage to keep a piece of the memory of viewing fire-flies, and it was not in photos but will be kept in my memory for lifetime. The fire-flies guide Mr Ghani told us that fire-flies seasons is from April until July and the most spectacular scene of fire-flies can be expected in June. Mr Ghani also advices that one should not apply insect repellent when joining trip to fire-flies, and join the tour during no moon seasons to enjoy the full darkness of the night along the river with the stars brightly shining above...

It was late, and courtesy of bring us to view the "city of light" in Terengganu, the tour bus drove up towards north and arrived at Kerteh, where all the plants by Petronas are situated and the night view was extraordinary lively with the lights all over the plants. I was not surprised, I had been seeing this ever since I was studying my undergraduate at Terengganu, and this was the only view at night when the bus reached Kerteh and fast moving towards Dungun after Kerteh.

Tired after a whole day journey and travelling, I opted for a hot shower and landed straight to bed until the next morning.....