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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Samsung e-Warranty

I am definitely in panic situation when I learned that the samsung phone which I had purchased has no warranty card with it.

A quick search and there was indeed a piece of paper which was written "Certificate of Warranty" slotted in between the user quick guide books.

However, the certificate of warranty did not carry any numbering on it, which render confusing for me to register the e-warranty by samsung via their website.

Fortunately there are a lot of people facing the same problem and you can find out here; one of the solution besides asking the dealer to register it for you... (If the dealer had forgotten about it, or the dealer ask the purchaser to do it themselves, or the person bought it second hand from another buyer...etc)

Click HERE  HERE for samsung e warranty product registration website.

Get ready with your new samsung mobile phone.

If you wanted to validate the e warranty from samsung (whereby the dealer had helped to sms the e-warranty or you had purchased the phone from some other people); do the followings:

Type the alphabets PC<space>IMEI number  and send to 62002(Digi/Maxis User in Malaysia) or 33802(Celcom User in Malaysia).

If the feed back had written the IMEI XXXX had not been register, please do register it at Samsung E-warranty by yourself. If the phone had been registered, the feedback will have the IMEI number and the dates(duration) of the warranty.

For those who do not know where to find the warranty card number when you are registering it online by yourself, please key in the IMEI number in the warranty card number column.

The serial number is easily available at the back of the phone, covered by the battery compartment.

Do bear in mind that the IMEI in the phone must be matching with the number in the box, and total match when you keyed in *#06#

**Note: The e-warranty will still require the dealer or the proof of purchase to enable the purchaser to have their device register under samsung e-warranty. I had not been able to do yet, only successful to register the product. I am too...looking for alternative to register my phone.

I did not earn the credits on all these information. Further details can be found with Samsung website, or other available forum such as LowYatNet Forum.


Anonymous said...

thx dude

Parish Kaboomz said...

Hi there,
May I know where can I have find the IMEI number?

Cheerioet said...

You can check your Samsung mobile phone IMEI by typing in *#06#

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am Louis. May I know which number on the back compartment is the serial number? It looks confusing.

Cheerioet said...

Hi Louis, you may uncover your mobile phone, remove the battery, there will b a samsung mobile sticker with the imei and also serial number. the barcodes are in the between of imei and serial number

Yaaser Shamsuddin said...

How can i check if my imei already register with samsung?

Cheerioet said...

There is another useful website ([credit to the developer, not me] you may click in to check your phone with imei number.

IMEI DATA said...

You can check Samsung warranty by IMEI here:

IMEI: 3564200525xxxx
Serial Number: RV1D53Jxxx
Model: SGH-M919
Unit Model: SGH-M919ZKATMB
Division: Mobile Phone (HHP)
Manufacturer: Tianjin Samsung Telecom Technology
Sold To: U.S.A
Production Date: May 16, 2013
Ship Date: May 16, 2013
Phone Age: 1 Year(s), 7 Month(s), 28 Day(s)
Factory Warranty Coverage: August 16, 2014