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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Cyst in womb...

Ultra sound check-up went on smoothly this afternoon, although I called in for doctor in late afternoon. Drove as fast as I manage to, which had enabled me to reach USJ Taipan before 3pm and entered the clinic before the doctor step out.

I had asked Dr Tan regarding to the previously found cyst in the womb, and he proceed the ultra sound scan to further verify the anxiety of mine. He had scanned the liver, kidney, gall bladder and the uterus are all normal and good. However, the cyst which was found last year is still attaching and he explained that this is something in the medical term called functional cyst. The size of the cyst had not increase at all from last year to now and it is smaller than 3cm which is less alarming. Usually, cyst more than 3cm will be indicator for more serious condition and the patient will be required to have another follow-up verification after 6 months. Nonetheless, the size of the cyst found in me is not significant and will be consider as normal unless I have any unusual symptoms such as pain in urination, irregular menstrual, lower abdomen pain frequently and etc. 

I am glad that the cyst is not causing any abnormalities in me. Thank God for this blessing. Now, I can have body check once every 2 years which is a great news to me. 

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