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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Dreamt of lucky zai

I dreamt of lucky zai twice, since his death back dated at 6th of August 2012. The first dream was pictured as I am returning to hometown. I saw lucky zai and bobby zai playing at the living room when I am approaching the front gate. The scenario was as per usual in which I will great lucky zai first, then to bobby zai as to make bobby zai familiarise with the routine that lucky zai is elder and thus be respected. In the dream, I saw lucky zai showing turning himself and showed his belly for bobby zai. In return, bobby followed exactly what had lucky performed. They seems to be playing cheerfully with minor aggressive behaviour due to domination by lucky zai. All these seem so real, and I patted both before I walked into my room.

In the recent dream, I saw myself had realised that lucky was no longer in house. It seems that I had accepted the fact that I will only see bobby zai at home. However, the odd scenario in the dream was; I am able to see lucky zai and pat him with my own hands. I told my family member about this, and surprisingly only my sister, brother and me can pat the illusion-ed lucky zai. My parents could not see lucky zai's presence. Therefore, only us, the siblings were seen playing with lucky zai, patting him, and letting him rolling to show his belly. It was lucky zai's favourite act, when he was happy and done with his food. Sometimes, he did this purely an act of boredom. I find it amusing to see lucky zai rolling on the floor, showing his belly.

Although these were just merely dreams, I could feel and touch lucky zai. Maybe this is an act by my brain signalling due to missing lucky zai; or unscientifically, this might be the way/message that lucky zai trying to inform me that he is living happily as though he is living with us. Whatever it is, thank you to my lucky zai, for visiting me in dreams.

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