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Friday, October 5, 2012

Thank you, Kak Puria

I am in such a panic mode when I saw my own car key dropped into the toilet bowl. I have no choice but to run out to get help! The first ever help I could think of, is from the security. I asked the guard regarding to the matter. Sad to say, the head of security, the fat old chinese man (Mr. C??ah), didn't even bother to help but to pour cold water and said "That's the end of your key. No way you could get the key back." I was shocked! The current security head is way unhelpful than the previous security head Mr. K?m. He is way much better than this current useless security head.

Thankfully, there was another security guard offering advices and personnel to look for. At last, after much running and searching; I found the cleaner deputy head and with her help, I can get my car key again. She told me it is common in the campus, that students or staffs dropped their belonging into the toilet bowl. Accidents do happen and I an thankful to her for her help that she had gave to me. Her willingness to help is way much better than the security head. I am not too sure, why on earth the university want to hire such useless person, without giving any help or advices. The only thing he is good at, is sitting in his office or accompanying VVIP walking around the campus. If there is a possible way or channel for me to express this to the campus authority, I would definitely do so. 

Would like to thank the cleaner whom had lend me the help, Kak Puria. You had done a very good good in helping the one in need. Thank you.

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