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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Worst customer service given by RT Pastry KK

Yesterday visit at RT Pastry House Kota Kemuning branch was really disappointing and time consuming.

We walked into the shop, hoping to ask for our pre-ordered cake. However, non of the worker seems to be bother and there was nobody at the open chiller counter. There were 2 to 3 workers congested at the cashier counter and I saw another worker arranging breads and buns at the rack. We went to ask the worker to check on our pre-order cake, and we were asked for an invoice number. We said we don't have it, because the person whom had answered the phone reservation did not gave us any number, and we proceed to ask them to check on it with the customer name. At the same time, we asked the worker to get the last moo swiss roll for us, while we were waiting for the cake. None seems to be bother when we inquire again our pre-ordered cake at the cashier counter. All they did was standing at the cashier counter, keep on waiting. I do believe of out the 3 worker, one of them can check on it without having any problem to leave the cashier counter as there will be 2 worker left. Again, when the other worker went out with the cake, we asked for the last moo swiss roll. At the same time, they had given the last moo swiss roll to another customer and what do we have? "Sorry, it was sold out", uttered from the worker. Didn't we asked them to reserve it? Do they have any communication among each other to keep the last swiss roll for the customer whom had walked in first, and reserve it first while waiting for them to check on the pre-ordered cake? The answer that we had all the time while we had asked this and that was "Wait". In fact, we were WAITING! 

RT Pastry house Kota Kemuning Branch, if you do not think your workers are well trained to serve customer, please do PROVIDE them the training! If you do not have enough man power to host the branch, please hire more worker. If you can have a superior to monitor the branch, yesterday incident would not happen! Such incident was a disgrace to your brand name.

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