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Friday, December 21, 2012

The doomsday on 21.12.2012 and Winter solstice?


According to the Mayan calendar, 21.12.2012 is the end of the world. They had predicted the world calendar until 21.12.2012.... but do you believe that today (21.12.2012) is the end of the world?

Nope, I personally do not believe in such prediction. I would say the Mayan calendar had just manage to predict until year 2012 and not further than this. So, it to be more precise, after 21.12.2012 is another new calendar counting for the Mayan. However, since the ancient Mayan tribe could not predict their own apocalypse... I would definitely support the new calendar counting after 21.12.2012 than doomsday on 21.12.2012. 

If we live life with goodness and moderately, I would think that everyday is a good day. If we live life with stress and unhappiness, I would think that everyday is a hell day. Although we could not secure every good day, we could really spend our good day to the fullest!

Today is the chinese winter solstice celebration day. Do not believe in doomsday today, I will be heading to get my glutinous rice ball dessert later~  ^.^

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