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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Problem with thesis submission

All this while, I thought I would not draw any of the onion series again... 
However, the recent tragedy that had happened to me which had caused me to have such agony and stress that I had fallen sick for 2 consecutive weeks. Now that is a serious problem, a huge problem....

I had tried to get my thesis submitted to school. A couple of months ago, I asked the so called personal in charge managing the research in the school about the thesis binding and etc. Not to my surprise, a standard typical answer will be given which is " I am not sure, you can check the given website and follow the guidelines", "I have no preference, it is all up to you", "Can I get back to you in a day or two, I need to check with the OZ side" and etc. I made my own decision and asked a senior whom had submitted regarding to the initial submission and guidelines. After much awaiting weeks for submission (the OZ side was having holiday seasons), I could finally send in.... Yet, I had this devastating feedback which was my binding was not accepted and please redo to be hard cover hard bound (with the I'm not sure, it's up to you typical answer) by the person-in-charge. I was totally shocked. How on earth an initial submission was to submit in hard cover hard bound? It will be a waste of time and a waste of money, totally INSANE?! I tried to negotiate and even pointed how the previous recent submission being done and accepted. The person-in-charge told me, the recent submission was done in hard cover hard bound. I was SHOCKED! The very same senior told me she did not submit in hard cover hard bound. Now, how did this person-in-charge forgotten the recent submission looks like, if she is the one handling it? My own presumption was that recent submission had been given to the assistant of who-so-ever the person-in-charge can get to hand it over.

I made numerous email to the OZ side to inquire about the initial binding and at last, I had the answer that stapler binding or sew binding is accepted. I called to the person-in-charge in the morning to double confirm and by the time I asked regarding to the matter, I immediately receive the forwarded email (I had the gmail page on to check if there is any incoming email). No doubt, the email was forwarded after I made the call.

Just when I thought everything goes well... I received an email stated that the appointed examiner was invalid due to conflict of interest. I was totally speechless and shocked. I had asked the person-in-charge if my appointed examiners were valid and accepted, and she replied the system had accepted the nomination and is waiting for me to submit my thesis. The notification email came in late to me as well. I received the forwarded email on 18/01/2013 and the OZ had send the email to the person-in-charge and my PI on 11/01/2013. I had a week blank and I was not informed at all until the person-in-charge did not get any respond from my PI. I would say, my PI do have the responsibility to at least check the email and had it forward to me; but my PI did not. When I forward the same email to both PIs (A&B) and one of them  (B) responded that the other PI had the new examiner list, it was a relief. Not too soon my relief ended by an email from the PI (A) stating that I have to asked the other PI (B) whom shall I nominate to fasten the process...(I thought the other PI (B) had discussed with PI (A) and issue settled?) A few minutes later, a follow-up email by PI (A) that he will send in email to the person-in-charge to rectify the issue.

What is your verdict? I had yet to check my email and I will login after this to have a quick look.

p/s: Everyone's case is a new case to the person-in-charge and she will forever, eternally use the same typical answer - She's new to the case, your case is unique, let me get back to you, it's all up to you... and etc. In case of inquiries, I would suggest to ask the OZ side directly to get the definite answer and show her the proof.

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