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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

SKMM-registration for RM200 phone rebate

I had read through news, regarding to the phone rebate given by the government to enable employee or students whom earn less than RM3000 per month to have a 3G smart phone.

Click into the SKMM website.

Select either students or employee according to your current status.

Just fill in whatever that is necessary in the application form and all you need is patience. Try to click to register as frequent as you may (for those whom had fail to register after the first click).

I had clicked a few times, and I indeed had given up on it. However, before I log out from the page, I tried again for the very last time. Only God knows... the last click was successfully done and had my name registered into the system. There an application rebate slip was generated to the applicant. Do take a look at the example given with all the confidential column blacken for privacy purpose.

Good luck in trying to register for your rebate!

The rebate slip only valid for a month 3 months from the date issued.

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