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Friday, January 11, 2013

SPRT T3 mini mobile Bluetooth printers by Imprimer Magnat

If one is looking for a portable mini size Bluetooth printer, there is a company in Malaysia that provides such device.

Type in Imprimer Magnat - SPRT Mobile Bluetooth Printer Malaysia or just click into the hyper-link and you will find attractive promotions given by Imprimer Magnat.

SPRT T3 mobile Bluetooth printer is suitable for on-site billing such as printing parking receipt, sales and service receipt, pocket size reminder, letter, and a lot more according to your applications. For mini portable size printer, it can print 32 & 42 characters per line, total weigh about 275 g with rechargeable Li-ion 1.5 AH battery and the print head life last up to 50 km printing.

To find out more about SPRT TIII portable mobile printer in Malaysia, do click into the hyper-link to join the Facebook page.


safdar said...

Great post. Thanks for sharing.

inGreatDeal said...

Anyone review on it? Is it reliable?

COS said...

Can somebody provide me the link where I can see how to use this product?

Cheerioet said...

i think u can contact the person John +6010 308 8282