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Thursday, February 28, 2013

BR1M (RM250) for Individual

Received a letter on last Saturday (23rd Feb 2013) stating that it was BR1M. It was written that the distribution of BR1M  (RM250) voucher for individual will be given on 28th Feb 2013 at Dewan Taman Sentosa, 11am.
I drove my motorcycle to Dewan Taman Sentosa to collect the voucher. All went on smoothly. No long queue and not crowded like what I had saw in the basketball court during the family BR1M. It took me about 5 minutes and I had got my BR1M voucher. All we need to bring together were the offer letter and our Identification Card.

I am not making any advertising on behalf of any politic party. 
I am just glad that I have some money to support as I am now jobless.

Updates: The BR1M voucher can be cash out at Maybank, CIMB, BSN and Publis Bank.
Usually, the bank will have a special counter for those who wanted to cash out the voucher. Remember to bring along Identification card as the bank will verify with thumb reader with ID card. 

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