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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Bobby with "hand" trick

I thought Bobby would not learn "hand" as he is too naughty and playful. He is too energetic that I suspected he is on high dose of sugar level that caused him to have hyperactivity...

Well, after Chinese New Year, I had stayed back while looking for job and playing with Bobby at hometown. I thought of teaching Bobby "hand" as my friend Ruby said is time to teach Bobby while he is still young. Yup, you seen it right. Bobby is around 2 years old. Teaching Bobby tricks too young might just seems like throwing salt into the sea as the doggy brain have not fully developed. A 2 years old dog is mature enough to learn tricks, to play right and to behave correctly.

So, I decided to repeat the "hand" command every now and then when he is obeying for the "sit" command. Surely, Bobby did learn to behave and learn the "hand" trick.
Well done Bobby. You are such a good boy. ^.^

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