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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Stolen Isuzu D Max - WTD 3707

If anyone happen to see this car, Isuzu D-Max plate number WTD 3707 dark beige colour on the road, please let me know immediately.

This car was a stolen car by 3 man (2 of them were suspected to be Malay, and 1 of them was suspected to be Indian). They had forced to take the car from my friend at Jaya Grocer, Mutiara Tropicana 3. They were suspected to have been waiting at Jaya Grocer or some shops nearby to spot for potential victim. **To those who frequently drive there alone to purchase some grocery, please pay attention to your surrounding.

Fortunately there are some passerby men whom to help and had prevented my friend to be kidnapped together with the car.

Now, please be extra careful when you are approaching your car alone at car park. Always be prepared with the car key, and if you are alone, please ensure that no one is walking close to you which seems like they are eyeing on you. My friend, whom had learned martial-art before had found it useful during such incident. Although martial-art could not protect much in recent days, but it might be useful to defense oneself during emergency. I would say, always be prepare and be caution is better than defense.

And, if you had seen the car WTD 3707, car model Isuzu D-Max, dark beige colour, please contact me ( I can't provide my mobile phone here, as I do not want to receive spam call. Thanks in advance for readers help, and please help to share this news.

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