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Friday, December 19, 2014

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!!

Tis the season too be jolly....

Wishing all to have a wonderful, joyous and blessed Christmas!


Happy New Year 2015!!!!

Monday, November 10, 2014


Went to this newly open cafe called Flavourest.

What had caught my attention is their melting chocolate pie a.k.a smores pie. Pastry crust at the bottom with melted chocolate topped with lightly burned marshmallows. I kinda prefer this to another cafe's smores pie as I found out that this crust is lighter and blend nicely with the melted choco.

Since I asked for chefs' recommendation, I had been given this tom yum (seafood) spaghetti. I would prefer to have my tom yum slightly more towards to sour (more lime juice perhaps) and to have the fragrant of kaffir lime leaves. 

 This chicken burger is another chef recommended which is served for dinner time only. The chicken patty was juicy and tender. It was served with cucumber pickles, tomatoes, fresh lettuce accompanied with fries and their house-salad. I like to have pickles served with burger, in which I found out that this pickles is slightly too salty to me (I prefer to have my pickles sweet and sour with lightly salted taste). Overall, I do kinda likes  this burger and perhaps with own-made fries/wedges will make this a better choice for me.

Besides this, they bake 3-D cakes, as you can find out for more at this link

46-G ,zenith corporate park , Jln ss7/26 ,kelana jaya

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Dreamt of Zombie Apocalypse

Dreamt of Zombie Apocalypse.

Again, I had had strange dream which is like a horror movie story. In this dream of mine, I had been thrown into a flight, which something weird had happened during the cruising. The flight had a violent turbulence and it caused the plane to twist and in the whole plane, there were 3 survivors, after it crashed.

However, non of those whom arrived in the crash scene realized there were survivors, and placed us (2 of my friends, and me) with all the dead bodies. Right before the bodies were destroyed, 3 of us managed to free ourselves and run for our life! This had created questions of why those plane crashed victims bodies were destroyed in fire instead standard operating procedure to identify the victim, and revert to the next of kin. I had strange feeling while running for our life in a deserted place.

My friends and I were in shocked, and yet we had to look for a place to hide. We found a tunnel, which connect to a small wooden chapel, and inside the chapel, there was a hidden runway which had to be unlock with some key codes. Fortunately for us, there was a book which was placed on a shaky wooden bench, and there were some clues to unlock the mystery key codes.

Once the runway was opened, there were few persons whom were looking for us approaching the chapel and that had caused all 3 of us great panic and fear. Little for us to know, all those people were trying to kill 3 of us with axes. Why would they want to kill us? Once 2 of my friends slide carefully to the open runway, I heard the axes chopping to destroy the wooden chapel. Hurried with all my might, I managed to kick one of the attacker when his axes were stuck in the wooden door. There was a button to destroy the mystery key codes which will then demolish the setup of the chapel and cover the runway opening. Since I went down last, I had taken chances to push the button and all in a sudden, it was total silence and dark.

I reached out for 2 of my friends, and found out that they were too scared to run. On the other hand, I am too weak to push all of us to a safer place when out in the blue, an axe flung into our way. Since we had no way to hide, and no way to run, we had choose to confront those men and fight for our lives! To our horror, those men were whispering to each other about killing us and destroy the bodies by burning. By the time they reached us, they were surprised.

I had wonder what had caused them to halt their killing, and why they had not proceed with it? One of the man stood up and took the lead to speak with us. I had inquired them, to cease the killing, as we had did nothing wrong and we were victims of a crashed plane which we were lucky to be the survivors. The man looked amazed, and replied that they were killing zombies. They had information that the plane which we boarded was infected with a killer virus that will cause walking dead flesh, as the virus will then control the body and creating an illusion of walking zombie. The human flesh will rotten, but will regenerate again and again with more bloody flesh where no human can endure such great pain. The authority had known about such virus had infected one of the passenger, and within few minutes after the plane went into cruising, the virus were spreading rapidly. Hence, they had to create a scenario which caused the plane crashed like it was in a natural disaster and all dead bodies had to be burnt to avoid the spreading of the virus.

The man whom stood up and explained to us approached nearer and nearer...

My friends and I could not believe our eyes... the man looks like a walking dead flesh, which popping eyes, red veins, bloody smells, and his steps were heavy. I had then asked him to explain on why killing us, since we survived. He had replied with a heavy sigh and slowly raised his axes high with an act of killing. He told us that he had to stop the spreading, as he had first started it. After killing us, he then be killed by his fellow men.

Just as he swung his axes towards us.... I closed my eyes to let it all happened, and when I opened my eyes again, I realized I am actually sleeping on my own bed. It was just a nightmare, a bad dream that haunts... Therefore, I could not help but to write this as a dreamt of zombie apocalypse.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Should you be annoyed when all you wanted is to be left alone?

Should you be annoyed when all you wanted is to be left alone?

I had this feeling which I would say that I am annoyed, whenever I wanted to be alone in peace and without any disturbance. Yes, as an introvert, I would prefer to be left alone in my own world, deep thinking about things which I would like to solve. I do not attach to affection, nor compassion. Please do not try to show me all these in a hope that I will return in favor.

I would rather you just step aside, continue what are you doing best, and do not interrupt me. I dislike people whom open my door without even bother to knock! And when you have knock, you better make sure you have your valid reason to knock that door. I wish not to be disturbed while I am asleep. My sleep is very much precious to me. Please do not knock on my door when I am fast asleep.

I have to say that, if you are going to ever wanted to interrupt my life, you should mind your own business.  I do not need another person to mess up my life, which I felt that this is personal and individual. Hence, please stop creating unnecessary knock, conversation, and  questioning. You know I do not like it, and why bother to do so?

I pledge to you, please do not step in my life as I did not cross my line. Thanks.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

A dream...

A dream of my lucky zai visiting me was warm enough to show that my long gone doggy still missing me and care for me.

My passed-away dog - Lucky zai, never fail to visit me in my dream. I can always pet him, and felt his fur and warm body; it was so real that I would not even think that this was just a dream until the moment my alarm woke me up.

There is this strange moment, whenever I dreamt of Lucky zai, I will felt like he is trying to communicate with me... to inform me, to alert me.. and to accompany me.

I guess, this might be caused by my subconscious me, although sometimes I had not only Lucky zai visiting my dream... but also a long lost dear friend. There was once a belief...that is you are dreaming of a someone clearly enough to have their face and features shown, this someone you are dreaming of is dreaming of you at the same time.

Would you believe it?

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Leaving for good

The year of horse, is a good year.

I definitely think and hope so! I had just tender resignation and get my life back!

I believe I did not leave this company because the company is too bad; I leave because I could not work well with my line manager. It had been tough for me during this 1 year duration for me to work under such blunt and nonsense manager.

I am not a super human, I am just an ordinary person. What could you expect when you only gave me 5 days of training for something so high-end that one could have been spared 3 weeks for it? You had given me limited resources and training to pick up and you expect I can perform and deliver perfectly? Have you stand in my shoes and look at my point? Have you thought of giving me more chance and time to learn? No!

You had pushed me to an ultimate limit which I manage to survive, and surpass you. Now, I am leaving for good, and you knew that it is way too wrong for not having any person to back me up, when I needed support. You had been too relying on me to run a one man show, which I managed to run it, and now I am passing the show back to you. Keep in mind that I learned all those through hard work, and through all mistakes that I had done. You can easily asked me to pass the knowledge to some other people, but you had forgotten that you had never take the initiatives to sent me for proper training. You could not expect that I can deliver a perfect proper training to you; as I am not certified!

I am still thankful to you that I had been given a chance to join the team, but without the team support. I still remember how one of the team member responded regarding to the target; if it is not achievable it is not his fault... Wow! There was another epic respond from another member whom had tried to push away responsibilities to the key account person because she thought that that is not her responsibility and she do not have the time for it. Come on... Am I having a lot of time for all those?

Thanks, for letting me know how the team work! I would be glad and thankful that I am leaving for good, for a better prospect.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Fuel coffee at Damansara Uptown...

Fuel cafe...

This could be damansara uptown hidden foodie which it looks not so appealing when you pass by the shop...(however,  you will notice an old bicycle placed at the front of the shop with menus written on the blackboard...)

Wait until you step into it to find yourself to be able to taste the old beijing noodles with the crispy chicken chop and taste their authentic bonsai coffee for the mixture of creamy and coffee indulgence.

I have personally fancy this place...for the ambiance of this shop which is simple and not noisy for me to relax with a cup of coffee. I likes the black coffee served by the barista too.

Not to forget to mention the friendly boss and barista whom can really understands your needs to sit and relax in their shop.

For those whom can't take in too salty food might find the old beijing noodles a little salty.. but you can opt to mix in their special own made chilies which looks so similar to lao gan ma chilies.  Alternatively you may ask for a small bowl of soup to dilute the little saltiness in your noodles.
Long black coffee
clear soup with vege (special order)

(pardon me for the shaky hand)
red dates juice (good for ladies)

Sapporo teriyaki chicken (i ordered without rice, and replaced with fries)
noodles with chicken chop (my favorite, I likes the chicken)
Pork chop burger -with own made pork patty.

New dessert selection

New assorted dessert

Bonsai tiramisu...

Fuel coffee has other menus such as noodles, burger, spaghetti, dumplings and rice. (Mixture of Eastern and Western)

***They are closed on every Wednesday.

Friday, March 28, 2014

The feeling of letting go...

Many times, it is always easier to be said than done. This is indeed a truth, for most of us. Especially to me, of course.

Although I must admit, some times, memories did flashes back and dreams still persist! How to forget when one had already been deeply kept inside our heart? How to let go when the heart had kept it securely so that it would not be loosen? And...time... does time always heal when all had happened in the past?

Weird, I had pushed all my anger down to nowhere, just to try to be a better person. However, every recent moves and every recent incidents had caused me to bring up the anger to another level. I had tried my best, to be gentle for not to hurt anyone again...but it seems the more I tried to become another person, the more the hatred is pressured on me.

Hoping the best for you seems so fake from me. Do I really mean it? No! I do not. Deep inside me, there is this inner voice to tell me to not to be pretentious. This inner voice is telling me to start the war, to make everything worse, to cause chaos, to create catastrophe which is against all odds, to not to let go whatever should have been mine. My conscious me is telling me to be rational, to be considerate, to be gentle, to not to create troubles, avoid jealousy, and be more open. Am I able to do this?

I am not being negatively involved with my emotion, and I had been trying to be positive every time I know that subconscious should not be allowed and fully-controlled consciousness must be in place. Nevertheless, letting go still far from what I can image, and harder than what I had tried. Should you appear again in front of me, while you are the initial person whom had rejected me? Yes, and No. I had tried to keep and patch things up, with all my might, Yes, you should have accept it at least just once to indicate that you had let go. I had tried now for making the first step, and you are the one whom had prevented any steps to be taken; which I believe, you are just as similar as me, whom still can't let it go and yet, we are pretentious. Continue to block me in your telecommunication method, any sort of way, to prevent me to take a step further sound like a good choice for you, why do't you still keep that up, and now you don't? I had said I would not call and bother you anymore, which I will keep my promise as I am a person whom keep my words!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Doraemon expo

At last... visited Doraemon expo at Viva Home mall, Kuala Lumpur.

Entrance fees for adult is priced at RM 25 and children at RM 15. The ticket counter is placed near the North wing Level 2 escalator.

The expo is divided into several parts. Entrance shown the birth of Doraemon, which some explanations given on the board on how Doraemon lost his ear, and how did he transformed from a Yellow Robotic cat into a Blue Ear-less Round-headed Robotic cat with Nobita.

Monday, February 17, 2014


There is not much that I can do,
For what is done was already a past,
 The least that I can do for now,
Is to sent forth my best wishes to you.

Sunday, February 16, 2014


As long as time is here to be,
These memories will went faded but not forgotten,
As long as these wounds can be seen,
Scars were left well written,

For how it have been long gone?
Time will still be the greatest song,
To heal and to dissolve these sorrows,
To hold and to build better tomorrows,

Wishes could be send without notices,
But at least time had proven to be the best medicine,
Words had never been spoken out,
For it had been deem as the sharpest sword,

May time continue to be here and ever,
As to be the witness for these tears and fears,
As to be the knight for the mighty heart,
As to be the ending for this ache to over.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Steam prawns feast

Steam prawns feast before New Year!