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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Fuel coffee at Damansara Uptown...

Fuel cafe...

This could be damansara uptown hidden foodie which it looks not so appealing when you pass by the shop...(however,  you will notice an old bicycle placed at the front of the shop with menus written on the blackboard...)

Wait until you step into it to find yourself to be able to taste the old beijing noodles with the crispy chicken chop and taste their authentic bonsai coffee for the mixture of creamy and coffee indulgence.

I have personally fancy this place...for the ambiance of this shop which is simple and not noisy for me to relax with a cup of coffee. I likes the black coffee served by the barista too.

Not to forget to mention the friendly boss and barista whom can really understands your needs to sit and relax in their shop.

For those whom can't take in too salty food might find the old beijing noodles a little salty.. but you can opt to mix in their special own made chilies which looks so similar to lao gan ma chilies.  Alternatively you may ask for a small bowl of soup to dilute the little saltiness in your noodles.
Long black coffee
clear soup with vege (special order)

(pardon me for the shaky hand)
red dates juice (good for ladies)

Sapporo teriyaki chicken (i ordered without rice, and replaced with fries)
noodles with chicken chop (my favorite, I likes the chicken)
Pork chop burger -with own made pork patty.

New dessert selection

New assorted dessert

Bonsai tiramisu...

Fuel coffee has other menus such as noodles, burger, spaghetti, dumplings and rice. (Mixture of Eastern and Western)

***They are closed on every Wednesday.

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