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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Leaving for good

The year of horse, is a good year.

I definitely think and hope so! I had just tender resignation and get my life back!

I believe I did not leave this company because the company is too bad; I leave because I could not work well with my line manager. It had been tough for me during this 1 year duration for me to work under such blunt and nonsense manager.

I am not a super human, I am just an ordinary person. What could you expect when you only gave me 5 days of training for something so high-end that one could have been spared 3 weeks for it? You had given me limited resources and training to pick up and you expect I can perform and deliver perfectly? Have you stand in my shoes and look at my point? Have you thought of giving me more chance and time to learn? No!

You had pushed me to an ultimate limit which I manage to survive, and surpass you. Now, I am leaving for good, and you knew that it is way too wrong for not having any person to back me up, when I needed support. You had been too relying on me to run a one man show, which I managed to run it, and now I am passing the show back to you. Keep in mind that I learned all those through hard work, and through all mistakes that I had done. You can easily asked me to pass the knowledge to some other people, but you had forgotten that you had never take the initiatives to sent me for proper training. You could not expect that I can deliver a perfect proper training to you; as I am not certified!

I am still thankful to you that I had been given a chance to join the team, but without the team support. I still remember how one of the team member responded regarding to the target; if it is not achievable it is not his fault... Wow! There was another epic respond from another member whom had tried to push away responsibilities to the key account person because she thought that that is not her responsibility and she do not have the time for it. Come on... Am I having a lot of time for all those?

Thanks, for letting me know how the team work! I would be glad and thankful that I am leaving for good, for a better prospect.

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