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Sunday, June 8, 2014

A dream...

A dream of my lucky zai visiting me was warm enough to show that my long gone doggy still missing me and care for me.

My passed-away dog - Lucky zai, never fail to visit me in my dream. I can always pet him, and felt his fur and warm body; it was so real that I would not even think that this was just a dream until the moment my alarm woke me up.

There is this strange moment, whenever I dreamt of Lucky zai, I will felt like he is trying to communicate with me... to inform me, to alert me.. and to accompany me.

I guess, this might be caused by my subconscious me, although sometimes I had not only Lucky zai visiting my dream... but also a long lost dear friend. There was once a belief...that is you are dreaming of a someone clearly enough to have their face and features shown, this someone you are dreaming of is dreaming of you at the same time.

Would you believe it?

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