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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Dreamt of Zombie Apocalypse

Dreamt of Zombie Apocalypse.

Again, I had had strange dream which is like a horror movie story. In this dream of mine, I had been thrown into a flight, which something weird had happened during the cruising. The flight had a violent turbulence and it caused the plane to twist and in the whole plane, there were 3 survivors, after it crashed.

However, non of those whom arrived in the crash scene realized there were survivors, and placed us (2 of my friends, and me) with all the dead bodies. Right before the bodies were destroyed, 3 of us managed to free ourselves and run for our life! This had created questions of why those plane crashed victims bodies were destroyed in fire instead standard operating procedure to identify the victim, and revert to the next of kin. I had strange feeling while running for our life in a deserted place.

My friends and I were in shocked, and yet we had to look for a place to hide. We found a tunnel, which connect to a small wooden chapel, and inside the chapel, there was a hidden runway which had to be unlock with some key codes. Fortunately for us, there was a book which was placed on a shaky wooden bench, and there were some clues to unlock the mystery key codes.

Once the runway was opened, there were few persons whom were looking for us approaching the chapel and that had caused all 3 of us great panic and fear. Little for us to know, all those people were trying to kill 3 of us with axes. Why would they want to kill us? Once 2 of my friends slide carefully to the open runway, I heard the axes chopping to destroy the wooden chapel. Hurried with all my might, I managed to kick one of the attacker when his axes were stuck in the wooden door. There was a button to destroy the mystery key codes which will then demolish the setup of the chapel and cover the runway opening. Since I went down last, I had taken chances to push the button and all in a sudden, it was total silence and dark.

I reached out for 2 of my friends, and found out that they were too scared to run. On the other hand, I am too weak to push all of us to a safer place when out in the blue, an axe flung into our way. Since we had no way to hide, and no way to run, we had choose to confront those men and fight for our lives! To our horror, those men were whispering to each other about killing us and destroy the bodies by burning. By the time they reached us, they were surprised.

I had wonder what had caused them to halt their killing, and why they had not proceed with it? One of the man stood up and took the lead to speak with us. I had inquired them, to cease the killing, as we had did nothing wrong and we were victims of a crashed plane which we were lucky to be the survivors. The man looked amazed, and replied that they were killing zombies. They had information that the plane which we boarded was infected with a killer virus that will cause walking dead flesh, as the virus will then control the body and creating an illusion of walking zombie. The human flesh will rotten, but will regenerate again and again with more bloody flesh where no human can endure such great pain. The authority had known about such virus had infected one of the passenger, and within few minutes after the plane went into cruising, the virus were spreading rapidly. Hence, they had to create a scenario which caused the plane crashed like it was in a natural disaster and all dead bodies had to be burnt to avoid the spreading of the virus.

The man whom stood up and explained to us approached nearer and nearer...

My friends and I could not believe our eyes... the man looks like a walking dead flesh, which popping eyes, red veins, bloody smells, and his steps were heavy. I had then asked him to explain on why killing us, since we survived. He had replied with a heavy sigh and slowly raised his axes high with an act of killing. He told us that he had to stop the spreading, as he had first started it. After killing us, he then be killed by his fellow men.

Just as he swung his axes towards us.... I closed my eyes to let it all happened, and when I opened my eyes again, I realized I am actually sleeping on my own bed. It was just a nightmare, a bad dream that haunts... Therefore, I could not help but to write this as a dreamt of zombie apocalypse.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Should you be annoyed when all you wanted is to be left alone?

Should you be annoyed when all you wanted is to be left alone?

I had this feeling which I would say that I am annoyed, whenever I wanted to be alone in peace and without any disturbance. Yes, as an introvert, I would prefer to be left alone in my own world, deep thinking about things which I would like to solve. I do not attach to affection, nor compassion. Please do not try to show me all these in a hope that I will return in favor.

I would rather you just step aside, continue what are you doing best, and do not interrupt me. I dislike people whom open my door without even bother to knock! And when you have knock, you better make sure you have your valid reason to knock that door. I wish not to be disturbed while I am asleep. My sleep is very much precious to me. Please do not knock on my door when I am fast asleep.

I have to say that, if you are going to ever wanted to interrupt my life, you should mind your own business.  I do not need another person to mess up my life, which I felt that this is personal and individual. Hence, please stop creating unnecessary knock, conversation, and  questioning. You know I do not like it, and why bother to do so?

I pledge to you, please do not step in my life as I did not cross my line. Thanks.