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Monday, September 8, 2014

Should you be annoyed when all you wanted is to be left alone?

Should you be annoyed when all you wanted is to be left alone?

I had this feeling which I would say that I am annoyed, whenever I wanted to be alone in peace and without any disturbance. Yes, as an introvert, I would prefer to be left alone in my own world, deep thinking about things which I would like to solve. I do not attach to affection, nor compassion. Please do not try to show me all these in a hope that I will return in favor.

I would rather you just step aside, continue what are you doing best, and do not interrupt me. I dislike people whom open my door without even bother to knock! And when you have knock, you better make sure you have your valid reason to knock that door. I wish not to be disturbed while I am asleep. My sleep is very much precious to me. Please do not knock on my door when I am fast asleep.

I have to say that, if you are going to ever wanted to interrupt my life, you should mind your own business.  I do not need another person to mess up my life, which I felt that this is personal and individual. Hence, please stop creating unnecessary knock, conversation, and  questioning. You know I do not like it, and why bother to do so?

I pledge to you, please do not step in my life as I did not cross my line. Thanks.

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