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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

What the heck, PJ parking summon, AGAIN?!

Okie, it was totally my fault that I am in a rush and did not bother to check the time and punch in a parking ticket on yesterday. It was just simply a visit to Atria, for less than 10 minutes, and there you go... I had a love letter from MBPJ, which will cost me RM 100. Well, I reluctantly accepted this love letter, and kept it inside my bag. Thought of to pay it if there is any early settlement discount or so...However, to my disappointment, there is actually none (I mean, no early payment discount mentioned in the summon ticket). Google-ed and checked some forums, and found out that some had mentioned to pay it at MBPJ office will have discount of 70% and to pay RM30. I am not too sure about this, as I have yet to pay my summon (it is still inside my bag, and I did not have the time yet to visit MBPJ office). Since internet and online payment is widely use in modern days, I thought I can pay it by checking it over at MBPJ website and to double confirm on the settlement.

Sigh... to my disappointment again (or should I not be placing any hope; this is still gov agency, right?) the summon has not even been updated yet to MBPJ website. I am trying to be responsible for my wrong doing, in which parking without displaying the parking ticket was indeed wrong; and I am willing to pay the summon. However, look at this kind of system, will you ever felt that you wanted to pay for it, when you could not even check it via online system? To drive over to MBPJ at Jalan Yong Sook Lin at PJ (mind you, we have to find parking again when reached there!) is hectic and cumbersome to most of us. Some of us whom are not local, and we would not want to trouble ourselves to run this errand thinking that we might ended up lost or creating another summon for us. It is still, best to have a proper system for us to pay our fine, and to get this done. Although many had mentioned that local authority summon would not cost us any harm, yet, I know it is my responsibility to pay that frigging fine (which I am indeed wrong at the beginning).

>>Update: The summon had been uploaded by MBPJ to their site, however, after I had paid for it using my credit card since 25th Feb, there is no update on the status of this payment. I had experience a few unfortunate event, in which Ii had to drive to MBPJ office to check on the mentioned summon, and there is nothing much they can do for me, but to pass my case to their IT department instead. Luckily, on of their IT staff is quite friendly and helpful, and willing to check it  out for me on their system. However, nothing much she can do, as she had mentioned to me that there might be slow update from their finance department which had caused the MBPJ summons pending update on payment status.

To check your summon from MBPJ, you might want to visit this link (it might be down, since they need to update summons and etc).